Introduction to the Peaks

We call our fundamentals courses ‘Introduction To The Peaks’. This teaches the fundamental skills required to improve your enjoyment of Mountain Biking and gives riders the confidence and core skills to allow them to ride the various natural trails in the Peak District and beyond. 


Core Skills:

The core skills course is ideal if you have just started enjoying riding off road. You are looking to move your confidence, basic knowledge and understanding of mountain bike riding and techniques up to the next level, to let you get the most of your time on the trail.


  • Bike set up
  • Body positioning (Ready Position)
  • Weight distribution
  • Braking
  • Front wheel lift
  • Cornering with confidence
  • Riding Berms / Banked Corners
  • Dealing with rollable drops
  • Climbing and descending
  • Reading the trail
  • Riding trail features




We offer an improver course that gives riders the chance to look a bit more in depth at the fundamentals picked up in the ‘core skills’ course and is aimed at intermediate level riders who want to increase their skills and ride more technical terrain with confidence and speed.

The ‘Improver Course’ will give you the building blocks to allow you to keep developing your skills with each ride, the session will focus on:


  • Reading the trail at faster speeds
  • Body positioning
  • Dynamic weight distribution
  • Braking
  • Cornering at speed
  • Keeping momentum
  • Technical Descending
  • Riding trail features


We know it’s important to fully understand the techniques been coached, so if you have any questions then we encourage you to ask. The course content outlined are the key points, however if you have a specific request then we will try to incorporate it to ensure you get the most from your skills and coaching experience with us.


What to bring

We can guarantee that you’ll have a great time with Trail Advantage and your safety is important to us. To get the most out of your time with us we recommend a few essentials

  • A safe, trail ready and serviced Mountain Bike of the correct size.
  • We recommend doing the session on a bike with flat pedals
  • A helmet that fits securely and is not damaged.
  • A waterproof Jacket and during Autumn / Winter waterproof trousers
  • An additional base layer
  • Full finger gloves
  • Medication ie inhaler, epipen etc*
  • Drink
  • Snacks
  • Cash for Café / pub stop if you want


*If you are on any medication e.g inhaler, please ensure this is kept on your person during the session and the instructor is aware of its location. If you wish to discuss any of these prior to your course then please get in touch on 07828163159.

3 thoughts on “Courses”

  1. Had a great time recently on the core skills course as part of Sheffield Outdoor City weekend.
    Friendly and flexible and focused on the most important elements enabling people to develop quickly. People went from novice to confidently rolling, and in one case even dropping off, obstacles in a couple of hours.
    I flatter myself I was a bit more advanced to start with but the course had time to focus on individual needs and I definitely improved my technique. Also really knows the terrain and good places to practice.
    Really good and would look to do other courses – thanks for the fun morning!

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for the feedback, keep riding and we look forward to seeing you on one of our future courses
      Regards, Adam

  2. After having a couple on major crashes, with one causing severe trauma to my collar bone, my confidence riding off road was seriously dented, any drop or rocky chute I was walking!

    I took the opportunity to do a basic / entry level course with Trail Advantage at Lee Quarry, Bacup.
    teaching me correct body position, correct pedal position when descending tecnical trails and also tips on climbing.
    A Great Coach that boosted my confidence, and I worked on this my elf, felt so much more confident on the bike, So much so that I completed the Ard Rock enduro in 2017 and stayed rubber side down!!

    Peolpe spend £1000s on MTBs, why not learn to ride it to its full potential, by starting off with a Skills day with Adam.

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