Trail Advantage have committed to donate a percentage of income to the Ride Sheffield ‘RadMires’ project, to raise funds for the next phase in the amazing trails in the area over the Mayfield Valley at Redmires. Here’s a bit about why we think it’s important to put something back into the MTB community .


As a business based in Sheffield, The Outdoor City, we are lucky to have some fantastic trails in our backyard, we also have easy access to the trails and classic routes in the Peak District. Some of this trail network has been made possible by the hard work of a number of local ‘trail advocacy’ groups, such as Ride Sheffield and Peak District MTB these groups not only build and maintain the trails, but also attend forums and meetings that bring the growing number of user groups together to promote and be the public face of the sport we take part in.


One of Trail Advantage’s main coaching venues are the trails around Lady Cannings and also Houndkirk Moor. This area is a great location to deliver sessions with the built trail environment of Canning’s and easy access onto some natural trails this makes it an ideal coaching spot for newer and intermediate riders to get the fundamentals dialed in. All in all it’s a pretty amazing office to work from.


Cooking on Gas, one of the trails at Cannings. Bermtastic and swoopy make this an ideal location for our ‘Introduction to the Peaks’ course to get the basics dialed in


Ride Sheffield are the advocacy group who, along with, have been instrumental in ensuring the Cannings trails have become a reality. Cannings is split into two very distinct trails, Cooking on Gas #cookingongas and Blue Steel #bluesteel both offer a different riding experience. Cooking on Gas is a wide trail with good sight lines and amazing berms. Blue Steel (the first trail) offers a more twisting and sinuous trial that narrows and snakes its way through the pine trees. These trails are a great way for riders to start building skills or for more experienced riders to further develop skills and technique.


Happy Trail Advantage clients about to put their skills to the test on #CookingonGas at Cannings


The Cannings trails were built through a crowd funding project driven by Ride Sheffield, this was such a success that the same fundraising process has been used to fund the next phase in the trail network… Radmires. This trail will be situated a short ride away over the Mayfield valley by Redmires reservoir.  Radmires will be a gnarlier sibling of the Cannings trails, offering more technical features and gravity orientated trails. This is going to be a great addition to the area and we are looking forward to riding it in the not too distant future.


To help speed things up Trail Advantage will be donating a percentage of annual income to the Ride Sheffield Radtax fund. We believe strongly in putting back into these great resources to ensure there sustainability. By booking onto our ‘introduction to the Peaks’ and ‘Core skills’ course you are not only improving your skills but also helping to develop and maintain some amazing trails that will keep people coming back for more. For our session dates keep visiting the Trail Advantage Facebook page . Or drop us an email at



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